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2 Households, 2 Assholes

“Let’s not mince words. 2 Households, 2 Assholes: Shakespeare’s R & J is awesome.” – Backstage (Critic’s Pick)

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In 2011, My producing partner, long-time friend, and shared namesake Sam Muñoz and I were looking for a project to do together.  Wanting to stretch our ‘acting muscles’ and tell a timeless story – we arrived at a 2 Actor production of Romeo & Juliet.  Over a span of 8 months we adapted the play, choreographed the fights, directed ourselves, ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, and performed the play as part of the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival, garnering glowing reviews from The New York Times, Backstage, and NYTheatre.com.

“It is delightfully confusing to find yourself convinced of a young woman’s infatuation, only to double-take when realizing that she is in fact portrayed by a rotund man. Such casting, standard in Shakespeare’s time, is rare today and smartly managed by these dexterous actors. Clever … nicely conceived and performed.” – The New York Times